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F&I Training & Certification by LGM

Your customers have changed their way of buying. Have you changed your way of selling?

Innovate your approach to finance and insurance with LGM’s exclusive training program, led by our team of certified training professionals. LGM can provide you with advanced F&I training curriculums, innovative tools and expert techniques designed to maximize your performance in the finance office. Our regional training sessions are proven to increase customer satisfaction and retention while increasing your profitability.

We offer a range of F&I manager training opportunities to enhance both your finance and insurance product knowledge as well as sales skills. Whether you are looking to achieve F&I certification individually, or would like to involve your entire sales force in a comprehensive training course, LGM can provide the ideal training solution for your needs.

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Why Choose LGM for F&I Training?

Ongoing training for all staff in the F&I office is essential, no matter who they are or how long they’ve worked in the industry. Our unique interactive F&I management solutions are applicable to financial services staff at all levels, whether they are brand new employees or are seasoned experts. LGM’s training courses will offer new ideas on how to present your products services to customers and help your sales force take on a fresh approach to explaining the value of your finance and insurance products.

At LGM, our F&I management solutions involve professional training sessions designed to drive real results. Attending one of our courses will help you innovate your approach to selling F&I products, assist you in more clearly identifying your customers’ needs, increase product penetration, and ultimately, improve customer retention.

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LGM is pleased to offer F&I training courses all across Canada. Browse our Course Calendar to find an Elite Performance or Finance and Insurance Product Knowledge session near you. For more information about how our F&I certification and training programs can improve your profitability, contact LGM today.

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